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Hey everyone,

Hows your day going? I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces of art that I’ve been working on, most of which were for my GCSE art course. As some of you may know, I’ve always loved drawing from a very small age and i’ve always told myself that I’m going to be a professional artist one day (thats changed a few times though ahah.)

My favourite type of media is tonal pencils, probably because i find it the easiest compared to oil paints and clay (etc.) I’ve only ever done a handful of paintings, but I will show you my current flower acrylic one which I am doing at the moment down below, (as well as some tonal pieces).

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These three drawings are some of my favourite, though the middle one is not quite finished yet. They have took around 4 hours each except for the eye which took around 6/7 hours all together.



This is my current painting which i am working on, a green rose (sorry for the quality of the picture). Its took me around 2 hours so far including the initial drawing up of the picture.


IMG_0581This large A3 petal drawing is also one of my favourites, it took me around 10 hours to finish.


Thank you so much for reading! I know, its a short one. If you guys want me to share some more art pieces then let me know down below. Are you into art? Make sure to leave a comment x

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