Mario Badescu Haul & Review

Hi lovelies,

The other week I ordered some Mario Badescu products and i’m in love with everything i brought, like i had to stop myself from using them before i took these pictures lol. I was out shopping with my friends the other week and came across the Facial Spray in TopShop, it was my first product from Badescu and after using it for a couple of days I had to buy some stuff from the website:


Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

I’ve been using this toner for two days now and I can seriously feel the difference already. You can definitely smell the cucumber and the freshness as soon as you apply it, and it made my skin feel so soft and healthy. I’ve been putting this on in the morning after I use a makeup wipe, followed by moisturising and spraying my face with the cucumber Facial Spray (which I’ve talked about down below). If you have combo or oily skin this is definitely recommended.

(Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea) Facial Spray

This is the product I picked up in TopShop but I thought I might as well do a review on it. As you can see from the pictures i’ve already used quite a bit of it (in a week or so may I add) and I’m in love. When I first applied it, it instantly refreshed my face. Over the course of the day it wares off but theres no harm in carrying it around in your bag for a quick sprits when you need it. The smell is lovely and the formulae is amazing. I would recommend if your skin gets dry a lot throughout the day.

Hand Cream with Vitamin E

I’ve never been a fan of hand creams as they can be greasy or slimy, but this one is the first that i haven’t thrown away or left to die in the back of a draw. I tried using it throughout the day and i managed to do it, the cream made my hands feel soft and the smell is amazing. If you have never been into hand creams I would definitely say try this one.

Some samples that also came:

Buttermilk Moisturizer

The sample is small compared to the bottle but from what i’ve used its pretty good – easily blend-able, cooling, very moisturising. Again this product smells amazing, I would definitely purchase the large product from what I have used from the sample.

Almond & Honey Face Scrub

This scrub wasn’t what i was expecting, it isn’t rough enough to be a scrub for me but it hydrates well and gently soothes away dryness. If you have very dry skin, especially in the winter, I would recommend this product for a good scrub.

Herbal Hydrating Serum

Compared to the moisturiser, I didn’t like this product as much as I thought I would. It is lightweight and maybe the perfect moisturiser for some people, but my skin can get very dry and when using it in the day, I felt as though I needed some more. Overall I didn’t like this and would not purchase the larger bottle.

Thank you for reading! This post wasn’t sponsored or anything, just wanted to share my opinion about these products. Have you tried any Mario Badescu products? Comment below x

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