Easter 2018 | Cornwall

Sorry its been a while, I’ve been caught up with some work lately. I’ll now be posting weekly (probably on Sundays), please feel free to give some post suggestions below so i know what you’d want to read 🙂

So last week i went to Cornwall for Easter and thought I’d share some photos with you guys. I live near Oxford so the drive took around 5 hours (i know… it was a killer) and arrived in the early afternoon. Surprisingly the weather wasn’t bad so we had an excuse to have a few ice creams throughout the week. We stayed in a cottage near The Lizard, it was cute and had great views over a cliff (i would definitely recommend).

Without further ado, here are some photos from my stay down south! (I’ve even made a slideshow thingy lol).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Thank you for reading, if you’ve liked this post make sure to leave a like. Have you been to Cornwall? Where about did you go/want to go? x


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6 thoughts on “Easter 2018 | Cornwall

  1. katesbeautyhome says:

    I love Cornwall luckily for me it’s not such a long drive (about two hours). Your pictures look lovely hope you had a great time x x


  2. Đ₳Ɽ₭🖤₭₳₮ says:

    Thank you for the Follow xx Nice to see you have been down to the West Country. Next time you must visit Newquay Zoo. And hope you did a visit to Fistral Beach??? Weather later is gorgeous, but a bit silly hot for us. Fairy Blessings of love and light to you and yours xx🦄🦄🦄

    Liked by 1 person

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