A Beginners Guide To Makeup

When i first started to use makeup, i was around 12/13 years old, and i had absolutely no clue what i was doing. A few orange faces and mascara stained eye lids later, i learned that all of these ‘mistakes’ i was making, was for my benefit. Makeup is all about the mistakes you make, and without them we don’t learn how we actually want our makeup to look like in the end. This small guide is for those who are trying out makeup for the first time,  and for those who are currently in a crisis with the whole concept (like i was). 

Start with a base

Make up knowledge always (well mostly) starts with a base, this goes on your skin and covers blemishes and/or spots. This can be a tinted moisturiser, a bb cream or a foundation, or even just a bit of concealer. Obviously, if you are happy with your skin, do not feel as though you have to wear foundation to be wearing makeup ‘properly’. Makeup isn’t a yes or no question, and there are no set rules… do what ever makes you feel happy and confident.

When buying your first base, i would recommend getting a drugstore brand, like Maybelline or E.L.F. Always make sure to swatch a bunch of colours before choosing, and make sure to use your neck or jaw, as your hands can be a different shade to your face.

For those who are familiar with foundation and bb creams, and are wearing this quite often, a next step would be to wear a primer underneath. This actually allows your makeup to go on smoother and makes it last longer throughout the day.



Powder is your best friend, and your worst enemy. It sets your face makeup, stops your makeup from moving, and makes your skin look matt and perfect. It can come translucent (no colour) or in a shade. When buying a powder, i would always recommend using a translucent one to start with as this prevents choosing the wrong colour for your skin shade.

A common issue with powder is that people often either choose the wrong shade for their skin, making it very visible on the face, or they apply too much onto their face. When applying, sweep across your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose with a powder brush.


I’m sure most of you will know what mascara is, but for those who don’t, mascara is a cosmetic that can darken and lengthen your eyelashes. This was probably the first makeup product that i owned, and i loved it so much that i went through the product in only a few days (i know, crazy).

Again, i would recommend first buying a drugstore mascara (Maybelline’s Lash Sensational is a great one). For those who are looking at buying a higher range mascara, i would recommend Benefit’s Roller Lash, or Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

For application, bring the wand to the roots of your eyelashes and sweep upwards. I normally wiggle to the sides a little bit to add more product and to separate any clumps of lashes.



In my opinion, eyeshadow is the heart and soul of makeup. It can transform a simple look into a gorgeous one, and you can experiment as much as you want with it. Starting off can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the correct brushes, but do you and try some stuff out.

You can get some cheap, large palettes on Amazon, or even find some in a drugstore.


I cannot express this enough… washing off your makeup before bed and cleansing your face is so important. You can use makeup wipes, theres gel and creams, and theres micellar water. Theres all sorts of things that can happen when you keep your makeup on over night, like break outs, skin just being generally unhealthy, and your sheets can turn orange (believe me, it happens).





So, thats the end of my small beginners guide to makeup. Remember, theres no limits and no rules to makeup 🙂 Have fun!

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