How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Travelling on long haul flights can be stressful and, well, your worst nightmare. Fear not, i have pulled together some survival tips that help you start your vacation refreshed and relaxed.


  • Make sure to book/reserve a good seat. This is the KEY for having an amazing flight. If you want more leg room, opt for an exit row. If you want to avoid crying children (don’t we all), stay away from the front of the plane as this is where you’ll find special provision for babies. Finally, if you like to move about the plane (or have quick access to the bathroom) make sure you get an aisle seat.


  • Don’t pack too much hand luggage. Ideally, you’d want a small rucksack or a handbag just to keep a few essential items – like your phone, headphones, water bottle or book. It’s just too stressful when you have to squeeze your suitcase into the overhead locker (with everyone looking, and tutting).



  • Bring your own food and snacks. Plane food can be disappointing and, in some cases, disgusting. Keeping a little stash of sweets and slow energy-releasing snacks and water can be the key to improving your experience.


  • Wear comfortable clothing. I do love a cute outfit, especially when travelling to another country, but making sure you travel in clothes that aren’t uncomfortable makes everything easier. If you wanted, you could even bring a spare change of clothes in your hand luggage.


  • Move around the plane. Stretching your legs is not only necessary for your own sanity on a long-haul flight, but to avoid the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This one is also good for those you suffer from claustrophobia.




  • Stay hydrated and relax! Aircraft cabins are often very dry places and the chances of becoming dehydrated are high. Drink plenty of water slowly and regularly and avoid too much tea, coffee and alcohol. Use the time to catch up on that book you haven’t had the chance to get stuck into, watch a few rom-coms or get excited about your destination by leafing through the guidebook. Make sure to relax, and happy traveling!



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Have you been on a long haul flight? What helped you through it? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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