Estèe Lauder Double Wear Foundation | REVIEW

Yeah… i guess I’m going to be doing reviews. Please remember I’m NOT an expert and have no idea what I’m actually doing.

So this foundation is pretty much my favourite. Over the years I’ve found it hard to find one which actually stays on my face and doesn’t look terrible. I have combination skin, one minute its dry and one minute i’m sweating like I’ve been running for years, and i have that classic T-zone. This foundation is higher in price, and i was sceptical to try it at first as I’ve previously brought expensive foundations which were terrible, but i’m so glad i did. The texture is perfect and it stays on my face ALL DAY.

The foundation is, i would say, medium coverage, but it can be easily built up for a higher coverage. The foundation itself is liquid (obviously) but it doesn’t come with a pump. To this day i still haven’t brought one, and tbh you don’t need one. I pour it onto either my hand (yes i know thats unhygienic) or a cotton pad, and that does it for me. If you already have a pump then you can obviously wash it out and use it, but don’t feel as though you have to go out and buy one.

IMG_9373 copy.jpeg                      IMG_9376 copy.jpeg

(Note that my hands are much more tanned than my face)

The packaging is pretty, with a shiny gold lid (which, to be fair, reminds you of its expense). The foundation looks darker than it actually is in the package, so don’t be fooled. I use the shade Bone 1W1, which is perfect for my skin shade. I would highly recommend getting samples before committing to buy it, purely to make sure that the colour is right for you. I brought mine at a Debenhams, and all i can say is that the colour matcher does not work, for me anyway. Apparently I should be ‘Ivory Beige’, which is a darker, orange tone.

Overall, i do love this foundation, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who has trouble finding a good foundation because of their skin type. I do think it should come with a pump, as it gets messy and i end up waisting quite a bit of the product.



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10 thoughts on “Estèe Lauder Double Wear Foundation | REVIEW

  1. Daniela says:

    I had exactly the same issue with the shade matcher! I found my shade better through reading the descriptions on their website than what they told me in Debenhams x

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